Lazy Liz's Horse Picket System

Lazy Liz's Picket Collar Kit; a safer way to stake out your horse

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The four components to Lazy Liz's Picket system collar kit are a Picket Stake, Tether, Neck Tie Collar, and Trail Bag.

Buy the four piece Collar Kit, shown here, for $101.00 plus Shipping and Handlling
(shipping weight 11 lbs)
International Customers or Customers from Hawaii or Alaska please email us to order. Shipping rates will be higher.

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Liz's Picket Stake- is a powder coated black stake 18 inches long, � inches in diameter, and made of hardened steel. The picket stake can be driven into the hardest clay soils without bending. The shaft is covered with a three inch diameter steel safety cap. The 360 degree pivoting anchor loop is welded in a horizontal position that makes it possible to drive the stake's cap to within an inch and a half of the ground surface. This low profile and the presence of a safety cap enable your horse to graze in a complete 360 degree circle around the picket stake, to lie down comfortably, and even to rollover - all with minimum chance that they will get injured by the stake


Liz's 14 foot Tether- This tether limits your horse's movement to a twenty-eight foot circle. The tether is made of vinyl covered 3/16 inch steel aircraft cable that resists rust, and has been threaded into a 5/8 inch synthetic rubber hose for added stiffness and protection from wear. A nickel finish steel panic snap-clip with a 7/8 in. eye is attached at both ends of the cable. Lazy Liz's tether is simply too stiff to knot around your horses ankles. Should a horse ever spook out of control the panic snaps enable you to quickly unclip it from either end using only one hand even when the horse is pulling the tether taut. There are three ways of connecting the tether to the horse. Either it can be clipped to the neck tie collar, clipped to a leg hobble cuff or attached to a halter (not provided).


Liz's Neck Tie Collar- This 2 inch wide nylon horse collar is 34 inches long in order to fit a wide array of horse sizes. The collar should be placed snug but not too tight on the narrow part of the horse's neck just behind the head. It closes with a strong metal buckle and features a 2 3/16 inch D ring to which the tether can be hooked. Should a horse fall while tied or rollover while attached to the tether, a neck collar puts less strain on the horse's neck than would attaching a snap clip to a halter. Some horses that do not tie well when tied from a halter may actually like the neck collar style of tying better and resist it less. A neck collar can also be used to expose more of the horses head when grooming and it eliminates the need for a halter under your bridle while riding.


Lazy Liz's Trail Bag- is made of ballistic nylon canvas that resists punctures and tears. It is just the right size to pack all the components of the system on the trail with you. A full length zipper keeps it securely closed