Lazy Liz’s Horse Picket System

Lazy Liz’s Neck Tie Collar

Liz’s Neck Tie Collar- This 2 inch wide nylon horse collar is 34 inches long in order to fit a wide array of horse sizes. The collar should be placed snug but not too tight on the narrow part of the horse’s neck just behind the head. It closes with a strong metal buckle and features a 2 3/16 inch D ring to which the tether can be hooked. Should a horse fall while tied or rollover while attached to the tether, a neck collar puts less strain on the horse’s neck than would attaching a snap clip to a halter. Some horses that do not tie well when tied from a halter may actually like the neck collar style of tying better and resist it less. A neck collar can also be used to expose more of the horses head when grooming and it eliminates the need for a halter under your bridle while riding.