Lazy Liz’s Horse Picket System

Lazy Liz’s Picket Collar Kit; a safer way to stake out your horse

Lazy Liz’s Picket Kit- offers you a safer means of tethering horses in areas where corrals are not available. Waking up to find that your horses have escaped over night to who knows where can ruin anyone’s day on the trail. Liz’s innovative line of picketing products provides a practical solution to this problem. Trail riders, field trial participants, and horse and mule backcountry packers who need to graze their horses safely in areas where there are no corrals can depend on the Lazy Liz Picket System. Her system helps to prevent a calamity such as a halter tied horse twisting their neck as they try to breakaway from a hitching post. Her safety stake helps to eliminate the worry that a horse will cut themselves by rolling over on a sharp tie stake. Her providing a panic snap-clip on one end of the tether enables you to make a quick release of a horse should you ever have a wreck. Meanwhile, having bull snaps on both ends provides excellent reliability and insures that the tether will not release accidentally. The Lazy Liz family of products is environmentally sensitive, horse friendly, and easy to use. Her picket stake system is especially useful in open, treeless areas and in environmentally sensitive areas where tethering to trees might lead to bark or root damage.

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Buy the four piece Collar Kit, shown here, for $92.80 plusĀ Shipping and Handling (shipping weight 11 lbs)

The four components to Lazy Liz’s Picket system collar kit are a Picket Stake, Tether, Neck Tie Collar, and Trail Bag.