Lazy Liz’s Horse Picket System

Lazy Liz’s Picket Tether

Liz’s 14 foot Tether; This tether limits your horse’s movement to a twenty-eight foot circle. The tether is made of vinyl covered 3/16 inch steel aircraft cable that resists rust, and has been threaded into a 5/8 inch synthetic rubber hose for added stiffness and protection from wear. A nickel finish steel Bull Snap is attached at both ends of the tether and a panic snap-clip with a 7/8 in. eye is attached at one end of the cable. Once your horse is comfortable being restrained, the safety snap can be eliminated. Removing the saftey snap eliminates the possibility that a horses’ hoof might bump the saftey snap with enough force to release it. A Bull Snap is much more secure but it can be very difficult to release in the event of a wreck. So use your best judgement in choosing the right clip arrangement for your horse and balance the low risk of a wandering horse that released the saftey snap against the likelihood of a wreck. Generally, Lazy Liz’s tether is simply too stiff to knot around your horses ankles. But, any restraint system can cause a horse to trip and fall. Should a horse ever trip or spook out of control having a panic snap in the hook up enables you to quickly unclip using only one hand even when the horse is pulling the tether taut. There are three ways of connecting the tether to the horse. Either it can be clipped to the neck tie collar, clipped to a leg hobble cuff or attached to a halter (not provided).